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Amadeo Barrios: The Persona

Amadeo is one of the most interesting personalities... Trying to determine what he really is, what he actually does and how, seems to be quite difficult and even unfair... It kind of restricts him within boundaries and boundaries never do justice to anyone, let alone Amadeo... Some call him a Yogi, others call him a dancer or a thinker... Most probably he's all that, he's certainly a dancer who has worked with Jerome Robbins, but he's also much much more!..

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Amadeo Dance School

Amadeo, the choreographer of the stars, to whom we owe musical comedies HAIR, MAYFLOWER, and The BLACK MIKADO, opens in Paris a Dance school like no other.

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Kokkino Nero

Amadeo Meditation Dance Theater, which takes place at Kokkino Nero, Greece, is Amadeo's  inspiration and effort to spread the art of Meditation in the combination of Dance and Theater near by the Immortal Spring of the Gods of Olympus where the water is welling RED

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building the story is the most memorable way possible, using whatever it takes for enable speaker credible and effective communication

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Exotic verve of rock opera "Mikado"

This allows the cast full scope in Amadeo’s choreography to bring an exciting and exotic verve to the wittily nonsensical plot.


Qui connait Amadeo

La vieille génération est celle qui compare tout et qui s’arrête.


France Gall Lance le premier show feministe du monde

Elle répète avec l’un des plus grands chorégraphes de jazz du monde :Amadeo..

From the Blog:

To create is the goal of happiness... To feel that life is beautiful, sorrow, despair, loneliness and most of all to be a Human being...The Creation is nothing, nothing, nothing...

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Director and choreographer of an original and bold musical. It is indeed the first reggae musical to feature only black actors with the exception of one white comedian and all dressed in Japanese Black Mykado is performed in London and then in Paris at the Théâtre du Gymnase
Co-creation, staging and choreography of a musical with Stavros XARHAKOS. For the first time, Greek and American collaborate in the creation of a show that will be performed in Athens and Mykonos.
Directed and choreographed for NBC in Los Angeles. Where you can discover for the first time a new genre, the Hip Hop and the Breakdance.
Artistic director and choreographer of this avant - garde musical that will become the symbol of a generation aspiring to new freedoms in the mid - 1960s and will also reveal many talents in the world. Launched first in New York and then played throughout the American continent, this musical will be declined all over the world.
Co-scenography (with Françine Morand) and choreography of a large fresco of the American epic which is played in Paris at the Théâtre Saint Martin then in Washington DC, in Vienna and in Germany.
A musical comedy created in 1978 by Dany SAVAL and Serge PRISSET, based on Homer's "Odyssey", transposed in future times and giving it an uspect of "science fiction" Director and choreographer of this musical comedy
The new musical from the Old Testament
Lyrical singer and poet uniting forces from different worlds. Baroque pop artist, singer/songwriter & poet The Lost Star is carried aloft on the currents of meme and memory. From the goddess Mary Magdalene to the courtesan Diamond Lil, her characters-in-song carry forth the ageless feminine wisdom that is 'sofia.'

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