Learning does not end

Learning does not end

Learning does not end

There is no part of life that does not contain lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned. Does it ever seem like just you have mastered one lesson, another challenge present itself almost immediately? Just when you get what it means to posses self esteem, you are faced with a lesson in humility.

As soon as you get what it means to be good Parent, your children leave home and you need to learn The Lesson of letting it go. You figure out one day the importance of having time to yourself the next day you are called to support someone else striving to get all the details of life under control is impossible, because life will present a new lesson daily. You never actually finish all your lessons for as long as you are alive, they are lesson to learn. Regardless of your age or station of life, or success level.

You will never be exempt from the lessons you need to learn in order to continue growing period. Your journey on earth is constantly unfolding and while your wisdom grow and your capacity to deal with challenges expand new lesson will present themselves.

In fact as the depth of your wisdom increases, your capacity expand proportionally allowing you to take on and solve with greater ease more advanced challenges.

It may come as a relief to finally understand that you never actually master life and that striving to do so will only leave to frustration.

The best you can do is strive to master the process by which you experience it. Life is a year round school from which you never actually graduate so it is the learning process itself that brings through value to existence.

The challenge of the lesson is to embrace your role as a peprfectual student of life.

This means giving in the idea that you actually don't know everything that you need to, and you never will.

Its also means that you need to convince your ego that being a student does not make you inferior, in fact being a student opens up worlds of possibility that are invisible to those who are unwilling to except this role in order to rise to the challenge of embracing your role as a perpetual students,

You need to learn the lesson of surrender, commitment, humility and flexibility.

Without this important lesson, you will never be able to open your mind, heart and spirit wide enough to allow yourself to take in all that life has to teach you.


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