Amadeo Barrios

The Persona

Amadéo is a choreographer and director. His career began with the glamorous musical HAIR, where he was the choreographer and artistic director in Europe, Australia and Japan. But Amadéo has produced television shows for the biggest stars like Donnas Summer, William Sheller, France Gall, Arielle Dombasle, Adrianna Carembeu...

Amadéo, as a precursor, brings music and Dance in advertising, it is notably he who realizes advertising for LEE COOPER with Serge Gainsbourg. Since 1976, after the success of his musical MAYFLOWER at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin, the CRAZY HORSE, calls him to become the artistic director of this temple of Parisian nights. Years passed and successes followed, in 1986, the synchronized swimming federation called it. Choreographer and professor of the French team, Amadéo, will lead Murielle Hermine to the gold medal in three disciplines at the European championships. In 1990, in a success for Amadéo which makes dreaming big and small with MY FAIR PARIS, musical made for the Fair of Paris.

Being an active person all these years he is dealing with his last masterpiece... The Lost Star

Amadeo is one of the most interesting personalities... Trying to determine what he really is, what he actually does and how, seems to be quite difficult and even unfair... It kind of restricts him within boundaries and boundaries never do justice to anyone, let alone Amadeo...

Some call him a Yogi, others call him a dancer or a thinker...Most probably he's all that, he's certainly a dancer who has worked with Jerome Robbins, but he's also much much more!.. John D. Carnessiotis

Looking to the East, the sculpted body by the great masters of the American Musical, the heart attached to Europe, Amadeo offers beginners and professionals a very personal vision and original of his art.

With its multicultural experience in his career exceptional as a choreographer, dancer, composer, singer, and his own reflection on life, it develops much more than musical skills, a philosophy of life.

Gradually, it allows everyone to be free to find better come to terms with oneself, develop its potential, control its future, stay young and relearn the taste of happiness ...

The wealth of a Multi-disciplincary Education

Passionate, always looking for new creative experiences to promote the self-awakening, Amadeo takes inspiration in many cultural sources.

  • Eastern practices like tai chi, yoga or Kabuki theater.
  • The Modern Jazz American techniques or the Actor Studio.
  • The body language, mime, rhythm.
  • Vocalization exercises or breathing,
  • storing or viewing.
  • Stretching, self-massage, sensory acuity.
  • The anatomy, biorhythms, diet, etc.

It is this versatility that gives all its originality to the Amadeo approach.

Musical Comedy

Art Director - Coaching

Singer - Composer


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