How to bring meditation into daily life, your work, relationships and family life

How to bring meditation into daily life, your work, relationships and family life

How to bring meditation into daily life, your work, relationships and family life

Μeditation means to be mindful and aware in whatever you do. To be civilized is to know deeply that there is no one on the planet who does not want to be happy and free from suffering. Every day do a simple meditation. Following that meditation make a commitment to in some way contribute to the quality of life for yourself, your acquaintances, and life on the planet. Then be mindful of your commitment all day long. At the end of the day do a brief simple meditation and then review how you did in relation to your commitment.

Negativity has no quality in and of itself.

The only quality that negativity has at all is that you can purify it.

If you really understood negativity you would realize that there is absolutely no suitable place for guilt. Guilt cripples and keeps you from expressing your true abilities.

Before a negative intention becomes an action you mus't be mindful and stop it at the door. Once a negative intention is allowed to come in through the door it is more difficult to get rid of it. It is more difficult to evict an undesirable tenant when you allow them to move in and establish residency.

But each time you catch a negative intention at the door and hold to commitment you strengthen your power of commitment and gradually find perfection.

Relationships are a practice. Family life is a practice.

Your profession and work is a practice.

Meditation will improve the quality of each of these.

In all things it is very important to practice LOVING KINDNESS.

Do not lie to oneself.

Just accept the fact of what is.

Accept what is with compassion and loving kindness.

Right Livelihood and Right Family Life will be improved and perfected with Loving Kindness.

If you do not have Loving Kindness you cannot force it. You must cultivate it.

What is Right Livelihood?

  1. Is your profession one that contributes toward your life's improvement?
  2. Does it benefit others?
Everyone has a right livelihood place in this world. There is something for everyone that is absolutely positive. It is difficult to just find it, but if you are relaxed enough it will just be there.

There are some basic weaknesses that keep you from realizing your power as a human being. They can also be the gateway to self realization.

The Basic Weaknesses are:

  1. Desire
  2. Anger
  3. Ignorance
  4. (Fear)

If you look deep enough into your weakness there will be some quality behind it that points to Right Livelihood and your Right Profession. Right Livelihood will enable you to have complete use of your positive quality.

A very simple method of meditation to help with this is Breathing. Breathing like a whale. Complete breathing in. Complete breathing out.

We can bring our mind and body together through the proper way to breathe.

If we truly do breathe deep enough it is a complete therapy.

Some people breathe shallow in their upper chest and hold tight. So you must relax and "let it be itself". Not to hold your breath. Breathe "out" completely and then "in" completely".

Leave a few seconds at each end of both the inbreath and the outbreath. Do this for 15 - 20 minutes at least once EVERY DAY.' This will balance your physical energy and establish a stable coordination between mind and body. (This is as important to your health and well-being as eating. )

Unfortunately an unbalanced mind and body is very common.

After breathing meditation say slowly, "I will do my best to use my life today as meaningful and best as possible".

It is very important to calm the chaos of imbalance with breath and meditation before you think and remember, and review.

Anything you did be happy and wish happiness and well-being for "everyone".

Whatever you have done wrong "forgive yourself" for. Then resolve to learn from your error and use it to improve your ability to handle it with right action next time.

Ask prayerfully, "May I and all other persons never come across this kind of negative circumstances ever in the future."

You must carry over Botticita (compassionate attitude) and mindfulness with awareness everywhere you go.

How can you begin

  • 1st relax yourself.
  • 2nd be completely honest.
  • 3rd tell yourself in total truth the kind of person you are. 4th if you relax enough you will see your weakness and reveal "your quality".
Examples :
  1. A desire person has a great chance to be kind, compassionate, serving person.
  2. An angry person can turn his weakness toward developing sureness and a strong determination.
  3. Ignorance can develop into a clear one pointed mind.
  4. (A fearful person can develop into courageous discrimination.)

So now proceed to refine your qualities. Look to see what kind of desires you have and how they relate to anger, ignorance, and fear.

No matter what problem exists there is a way to overcome it, work it out, and turn it into something good, useful, and beneficial.

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