Amadeo Barrios


Co-scenography (with Françine Morand) and choreography of a large fresco of the American epic which is played in Paris at the Théâtre Saint Martin then in Washington DC, in Vienna and in Germany.


The choreographer Amadeo knew how to make move and dance everyone with a choreography simple but effective, which gives spectacular sets to which he had not accustomed us in a previous musical...

J.Cartier - FranceSoir juge - 1975

The historical Reality

Portsmouth, 1620. One hundred and four passengers embark on the Mayflower for the New World. These travelers are puritans who flee from the religious persecution exercised upon them by the Anglicans. The Virginia Company has given them contracts that grant them territories in the southeastern part of the North American Continent.

The journey is appalling. Almost a hundred days of storms and winds. The ship, distracted, exhausted supplies and supplies of water, presents itself in sight of the coast, about eight hundred kilometers from the place of its arrival. Constrained to land, the Pilgrim Fathers write on the boat an act by which they lend each other their oath of solidarity, impose religious conduct, and lay the foundations of a political organization of their future life that History Will retain as the first important act of the future United States.

On land they will keep their promise and live for nearly a century in the Autonomous Republic before merging into the Massachusetts Bay colony

"Their journey was long ... They were engaged in lively discussions among themselves ... But their endurance, which was the key to their success, made them more than their predecessors, the true creators of Americanism. "